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Throughout my career, I've been very effective at creating content - including social media posts, blogs, collateral, traditional media, newsletters, magazine articles, press releases, testimonials, and much more. Here are just a few recent samples. 

This is a brochure I created to communicate UrgentVet's services to a dual audience - pet parents and general practice referring veterinarians. 

GP Urgent Care ER Comparison.png

I developed this graphic to help educate our target audience on where UrgentVet fits into the veterinary space.

I created this video short to discuss a sensitive and important topic - pet euthanasia. It serves as a brief view of what to expect from UrgentVet when the time for this service comes. 

This is a short video I created using photos I took. The purpose of this is to help HR with recruitment efforts -- showing potential candidates what it's like to join the St. Luke's Family. 


This is a two sided sell sheet that I created. It's designed to assist both the patient, his or her caregiver and the medical team with deciding on which cataract lens was most appropriate. It illustrates how a person will see in each of the three options we offered. 


The PDF above is a newsletter I wrote each quarter for our Hearing Services Department. It was distributed in the eye clinics. It was intended for the eye care patients to read while waiting for the doctor. The purpose was to better introduce potential hearing aid patients to our services in an engaging manner. 

ask the health expert.jpg

This two-page spread appeared in Healthy Living Magazine, a publication in The Villages, Florida. The focus was on the new Ophthalmologist and the opening of our second clinic. I wrote the copy, oversaw the photo shoots, provided the additional imagery and approved the final version for print. 

Help - my cataracts came back.jpg

This is a blog post in response to one of the top questions patients asked in the months following cataract surgery. It explains what has actually happened, how it's remedied and it visually walks the reader through the procedure. It was featured on the St. Luke's website, in social media, as a response to online questions and in a handout. 

blog - wfh.jpg

Here is a blog I wrote for a client (a non-healthcare example). It outlines management strategies for the person overseeing a remote team for the first time. 

Gooch July.jpg

This was a feature on social media where we showcased our MDs and some current testimonials for actual patients.

Virtual Tour.jpg

This is a virtual tour of St. Luke's at The Villages Eye Care & Surgical Center. I oversaw this from inside & outside facility prep to the shoot itself to utilizing it on Google Maps, our website, and on social media. I hired a vendor to both film the clinic in 360 degree mode and assist us with preparing the video to load on our Google Maps page. 

caring for seniors during c19.jpg

This is social media content I created. Because the St. Luke's population is primarily people 60 and older along with their caregivers, I was always mindful to create content that was empathetic and useful to the demographic. 

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