My role at St. Luke's included management of all social media accounts. I developed all aspects of content, including: copy-writing, photography, quotes, fact checking, story ideas and more. Here are just a few examples of the messaging I used to tell the story of the St. Luke's Experience. 


I was regularly invited into the operating suite to record video of a new procedure or product being used - for internal and external messaging. I always leveraged these opportunities to gather additional stories as they happened. 

Erika - testimonial.jpg

It was common for patients to express extreme gratitude for their surgical outcomes. I established a network of front line team members who would alert me of these testimonials. I would visit the patient, introduce myself and take a short video or photo and quote. I was also responsible for ensuring a release form was signed and cataloged. 

New Doctor Visits.jpg

When we hired new doctors, I was responsible for assisting them with practice building. One way we accomplished this was to visit other doctors in the area at our clinics and those who refer patients to us. I traveled with the doctor and his assistant and documented these meetings for social media and internal communications. 

Villages Employees.jpg

The HR team often called upon me to help with hiring efforts. One way we tackled this was to paint a visual portrait of the type of people who work at St. Luke's and what the office is like. This was easy to accomplish using photos and social media posts. 

Corona Stress Tips.jpg

In addition to company focused content, I developed topical posts such as this one. I created this using Photoshop and copy I wrote. 

STL Linked In Sample.jpg

Another way I partnered with HR to help with recruitment efforts was to showcase some of the company's unique benefits. Here we used LinkedIn to discuss a program where employees are granted paid leave to partake in mission work. 

Ask the Hearing Doctor.jpg

I created this series, "Ask Dr. D" and posted it regularly on social media. "Dr. D" is St. Luke's Audiologist Kristen Decelles and in the short videos, she answers common questions regarding hearing aids. 

Technician Human Interest Story.jpg

With over 400 employees, there were always interesting and inspiring stories to be told. This one is about an Ophthalmic Technician who had most of her hair cut off for a project called Wigs for Kids. I gathered the facts, wrote the article, took photos and pitched the article to "Ophthalmic Professional" magazine. They ran a small feature in their national magazine in early 2020. We used the content on social media and on the company blog.