Below are some additional examples of my work. 

Celebrate Life.jpg

This project is a series of success stories of patients of St. Luke's. My role included initial contact, interview, video, release forms, providing footage to our onsite video editor, posting the final product online and promoting it. 


At St. Luke's, I was responsible for company communications on the Intranet - including announcements, updates, news and all content on the company values pages. 

PowerPoint for an MD.jpg

I've created many PowerPoint presentations throughout my career, but people still ask if I'm comfortable with this type of project. Here's a sample of a presentation I created in partnership with one of the doctors at St. Luke's. It was used in a new patient lunch and learn. 

eye condition simulator.jpg

For caregivers, it's often a mystery as to how their loved one is seeing with certain eye conditions. I partnered with our web development team to create this vision simulator to help educate people on the challenges faced by those who have glaucoma, cataracts, retinopathy and macular degeneration. 

St Lukes Blog.jpg

This is the St. Luke's Cataract & Laser Institute Blog. I initiated ideas, partnered with subject matter experts, wrote and edited these articles to help educate our site users and help elevate our digital presence. 


I worked for Rasmussen College over a decade ago. I'm proud to show you the online gear store I created using a carefully selected vendor. It's still used today and the college has grown from 4 Minnesota campuses to nearly 30 nationwide.